Hello World

When I was a child my father had some employment issues. As a result, we moved around quite a bit compared to most families. We lived in Kansas, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

He was an engineer, and worked for Cessna and Electric Boat. My father was a smart man, but the economy at the time was rough on him and his career aspirations. Eventually, he started taking any job he could to take care of his family.

And he did.

As I was growing up during these moves, I started to crave them. I enjoyed new places and new faces.

And so, as I became an adult I continued my wanderlust. I moved around myself, living in Nevada, Tennessee, and multiple other states. Eventually, the concept of full time rv living came to my attention.

My first attempt was a disaster. I bought a beautiful Roadtrek, and was living in it happily while attempting to get a business started. Of course, my business partner was perhaps not the best choice and we ran out of money.

I lived in that Roadtrek, broke and unable to put gas in it for months. Eventually I sold it to pay debts off from the business. Rough lessons were learned, but that wanderlust remained.

I moved around the country, usually obtaining employment in retail as that was all I really knew.

Eventually I ended up in Tennessee. My father had gotten very sick and I came to take care of him in his last years. It was a rough time, but during it I started revisiting the idea of full time rv life. It was the perfect form of escapism during a dark time.

I bought another van, and started rebuilding it until I found another Roadtrek. I bought it because it was a fantastic deal that I couldn’t pass up. My father never saw that second Roadtrek.

I named it The Falcon and started working on it. I took little excursions and started getting used to the idea of eventually moving into it.

Finally, I met Laura. One of the hardest things about dating when you’re planning on going nomadic is breaking that news to others. It’s a daunting task. “Hi, you’re pretty cool, want to live on the road?”

Laura was unusual, and we clicked immediately. I started to mention nomad living, and she started helping me plan. This was what I needed.

Now, we are currently motorhome shopping and looking for remote jobs to support our lifestyle.

Laura is the yin to my yang. I know that’s cliche. I’m the dreamer, and she grounds my dreams in reality and together we work to make them happen.

I have a quote that I’d like to share with you, although I don’t know where the quote originated. If you do, please let me know so I can give credit where it’s due.

It’s always stuck in my head, and it’s how we’ve decided to live our lives.

“Should I live a life I don’t enjoy with security, or a life I love with no safety net? What’s the point of prolonging a life I’m not enjoying?”


The Falcon


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