It’s an interesting part of life how attached we can become to inanimate objects.
When I was young, and I mean very young, I had a red stuffed dog that I had wittily named “Doggy”. Doggy was my best friend, and went everywhere with me. I still have Doggy, although he is missing an ear now.

Years ago I purchased a Buell XB12X Ulysses motorcycle. That bike became my best friend. It was ridden all over the country, from NH to TN and all over in between. I used the Buell as an escape. It got me away from life and helped me center my thoughts. I rode the Buell for 10 years, until it became too much motorcycle for me. As I get older, I want long trips on a bike less and less. Such is the nature of aging I suppose.

I at least had a chance to ride the Buell with my father. That was some great times. And I’ll always treasure that the Buell could give me that.

The Buell was such a part of my life, it ended up in a shed, because I couldn’t let it go. Finally, in the process of downsizing, I’ve had to do the unthinkable. I had to sell the Buell. A wonderful man named Scott has the bike now, and I want to sincerely thank him, as he’s fixing it up, and giving it new life.

Thanks Scott, I know my Buell friend is in good hands.

With the Falcon, I’ve had a similar issue. That van has been my hang out, my date spot, my sanctuary, my companion, and my friend. We’ve gone through a lot together.

When I first purchased the falcon, my father had just passed away, and I was rekindling the idea of full-time RV living. I found it on Craigslist, a few hours from home. It had been an elderly couple’s camper, and they had only driven it a few hundred miles a year for its entire existence. Their son inherited it, and he took it on some longer family trips until he realized that he had more family than it could handle. He parked it in his yard and forgot about it. I went up to see it and knew I was getting a pretty good camper. My good friend Robert made the drive with me, and followed me home.

The drive home was…. challenging. The breaks had seized up from years of stagnation. We kept stopping and making sure the tires were ok. An hour drive took four. I got it home and started fixing it up. I had my mechanic go through the engine and rebuild the breaks. I installed a TV. I started driving it and enjoying it. Eventually it became my primary vehicle. It was my break room at work, I traveled around in it, and I started camping in it.

I continued fixing it up and then met Laura. We built memories in the Falcon. It’s where Laura always tells me she fell in love with me. We traveled into Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and all over Tennessee. The falcon was our home away from home. At some point, the transmission went out and I was so afraid I’d have to scrap it. Luckily, it happened a week after my tax refund and I managed to struggle through getting it fixed. We continued our love of travel in the falcon.

Once we decided to go full time, we knew it was going to have to be sold. It hurt.We had become attached. That van was my friend. A nice gentleman named Archie bought the Falcon, and we both sincerely hope he takes care of and enjoys it.

Thank you Archie, for helping us achieve our dreams. And thanks to the falcon for being more than just a possession, but a companion.

Don’t worry though, because Doggy will be coming on the road with us. I’ll introduce you to him in the future.

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