A train of thought update

So we have some plans happening! It’s time we shared.We have a yard sale coming up in mid-May, since we’re working on limiting our possessions.As you have probably thought, this lifestyle doesn’t allow a lot of clutter.We’ve been researching and discussing selling the house. My father worked hard on this place, but I don’t have the time or money to maintain it, and honestly the sooner it’s sold the less I have to worry about it.We’ve also started figuring out the actual move into an RV. Discussing the logistics. Since we pretty much won’t have the money until we don’t have the house.How do we move all the animals?How do we get our things into the RV?Where do we live until we have it? Most dealerships require a week or so to clean and go through the new purchase.It’s challenging to be sure, but we’re figuring it all out. We’re an awesome team, and we’ll be on the road ASAP I promise you.Our newest family member (Pearl) has some issues with cats. We’ve been struggling with this. It’s an awful feeling to realize you might not be able to keep your newest friend. However, I started a new regmine with her and it seems to be working. Time will tell.She’s an awesome little dog, and I hope we can get her to tolerate the cats. They were here first, and Bubba is literally my best buddy.Other things that are happening:I bought a used motorcycle and started rebuilding it. I ran short on cash to buy parts, so it’s a slow process. It’s happening a piece at a time though.I’ve been on a diet recently, and I’m losing weight. It feels great to fit in an XL t-shirt again. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I feel better and better.Laura has been figuring out the remote jobs things, she’ll be posting about that soon.Otherwise, all the fur family is doing well, and we’re looking forward to posting more and giving you all the information and details as we go! We haven’t been posting enough because we felt there wasn’t a lot happening. I think I just proved ourselves wrong on that.Until next time!

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