Selling our stuff

It isn’t easy selling everything you own, but we’re making the attempt.Yardsales are a nightmare.

And I mean that in the nicest way I possibly can say it. They are a nightmare.

People trying to undercut the possessions that you’ve amassed for years, things that are highly valuable to you.
To other people, it’s junk that they either resell or collect in their respective houses until they have a yard sale and the cycle continues.

Possessions are an odd thing. We are so attatched to them, yet they sit on shelves and in corners, collecting dust. We value them at much higher costs than another person would, because they are OURS.

Laura and I realized the trap having stuff brings, and this weekend we had a sale of a bunch of our things.

Things I collected for years, meticulously counting and adding, finding hard to find items, and searching the internet. Gone. Sold for as cheap as some stranger could manage to get it from me.

An odd feeling to be sure. But will I miss the things?I will, some of it. Some of it has sat in a box and can go.

But, living the life we
want to live, full of adventure and travels… Worth more than any item in my multiple collections.

After all, it’s just stuff. Living life to the fullest is invaluable.

2 thoughts on “Selling our stuff

  1. Getting rid of the stuff is the hardest part, both emotionally and financially (at least it was for us). We found out quickly that other people did not see the value in our ‘stuff’ that we did. Another idea is to donate to charities close to your heart and the ‘market value’ can be claimed on taxes (our tax lady helped us with it). It was also rewarding to give to needy families anonymously and we bartered some of our furniture with work preparing sale of our house (painting, pressure washing, etc.). It’s hard to let the things we worked for most of our lives go, but it’s definitely worth it. We’ve been on the road 2.5 years, and I can honestly tell you we haven’t missed a thing we got rid of. Having less means living more–at least for us. Hang in there! Looking forward to following your adventures and process.

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