Like a kid at Christmas

Guys. We are getting so close. Do you remember what it was like as a kid waiting all December for it to be Christmas? The anticipation is maddening! Can’t it just be time!?

Well,  we had our yard sale and got rid of so much stuff. Now we are in the process of packing what we will be keeping and sorting what we aren’t into boxes for Goodwill or to try to sell at the local flea market. At this point, I just want to take it all down to the curb on trash day. Why do people collect so much stuff? I was a little bit of a pack rat in my teens and early 20s, but now I have no problem just getting rid of most things because they are just things. I value memories and experiences more now. There are of course some things that I can’t let go of, but everything is in 3 small boxes. I am ready to go.

Our to do list now consists of: finishing Pearl’s dog training classes, selling the house, and buying the RV. Pearl’s classes go a couple of weeks into July, so we are here at least until then. We are hoping they help with her cat issues so she can stay with us and join in on these adventures. She is very smart and has the first command she had to learn down. This first week, whenever she is out in the house, she has to be on her leash at all times. So, she is attached to my belt loop with a carabiner clip. She has a six foot perimeter around me at all times. She has learned that we have to go everywhere together, but she still thinks she is in charge of where we go, so she will tap me on the knee with her paw and try to pull me towards wherever she wants to be. She is very smart, but very stubborn. I have hope that this is going to work, because I have seen some small improvements in the first week. Keep your fingers crossed for us. She also has her own Facebook account if you would like to follow it at Punk Rock Pearl. Here she is on her first day of dog college.IMG_20190531_162951_474

So, here’s some big news. On Monday a guy is coming to look at the house. Our house is an 80 year old 1 bedroom railroad house. It is cute and has character, but it is also falling apart and needs a lot of repairs. We don’t want to deal with inspections and repairs. We don’t have the time or the finances and it is quite a burden to think about sometimes. We are on two nice large lots and we have a nice view of the mountains of the Cherokee National Forest. We have decided to see what a house flipper/home buyout company will offer us for it before we go the more traditional routes. We know what the value of the house is and we know what the least amount we will take is. It would be amazing if this guy makes us an offer we can accept and that will be that. We will set our closing for right after Pearl’s training ends and start RV shopping. Well, let’s be real here. We have been RV shopping for a year and a half. We know what models we like and we know what specific things we are looking for, but we are buying used and we really just have to look around and see what meets our criteria when we are ready to buy. We also have to see if the people who buy the house will give us a couple of weeks after closing to get the RV and move into it. The moving into it will be easy since everything is going to already be packed up. If we aren’t allowed any time after we close to get it all together, we are probably going to pack up and head to my home state of Texas to camp out at my mom’s and buy the RV there and do any home improvements or changes we would want to do. We kind of just have to wait to get the specifics nailed down, but it’s coming together, y’all.

Can’t it just be time!?



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