Saying goodbye to good friends

I’m at the vet right now.

Manny, our giant, loveable, chonky, sweet cat, is not in a good place.

He’s had a bunch of urinary issues, from blockages to incontinence.

We’ve spent a lot of money on this sweet furball.

This is the end though.

He’s in pain, he’s blocked up again, he’s limp and miserable. He’s so cute and young and doesn’t deserve this.

It’s hard saying goodbye to furry friends. And he isn’t even the only one that we have to say goodbye to. More on that coming up. He is the only one that won’t be alive, so let’s focus on him for this post.

It’s a rough time.

I can’t tell you how much it hurts that Manny is on his way out. He really is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met.

Animals always have politics in a household.

Bubba hates most everybody but Manny. Manny was the first cat Bubba was actually ever friends with. Manny is the only cat that likes the dog, Mavis. He curls up with her and they wash each other. Manny is literally everyone’s best friend.

He has this thing he does, he gently walks up your body, starting at just below your waist. Of course, being he’s seventeen pounds of cat it’s only sort of gentle.

He makes eye contact with you and struts up and smashes his nose into your face. Then the purr kicks in and it sounds like a truck is laying on your chest.

He just purrs and drools a little, making biscuits on your chest and loving you.

We joke that as he’s walking up to you, he’s making a slightly effeminate “heyyyy.”

His best friend/sister is Rocket. He’s bros with Bubba. He washes Elvis. He loves the dog Mavis. He cuddles with Lucy. And he is super sweet and cuddly to his humans.

A cat filled with love.

He deserves better than being in pain and unable to urinate at only 3 years old.

Over the last month, we’ve spent a ton of money, taking out payday loans, a gofundme, and generally going broke from our paychecks.

The vets keep trying different things. None of it works.

This is the worst.

It isn’t fair.

Goodbye Manny, I love you buddy.

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