Anybody want to buy a house?

It’s been a bit since we’ve had any news to share and the last few months have been a bit trying for us. We lost our sweet Manny and then we had to make the decision to find a new home for Ms. Pearl. We’ve been doing our best to process our grief over Manny. He was the sweetest chonk of a cat that ever lived and we miss him greatly. He is also missed by our cats Bottle Rocket and Bubba and our dog Mavis. He and Bottle Rocket grew up as kittens together and were a bonded pair. I think she feels a little lost without him sometimes. Bubba was an only cat with Karl for all of his life until I moved in and Manny was his first friend. Bubba tolerates the other animals, but Manny insisted on being friends and they had quite the bromance. He was the only other animal in the house who ever had anything to do with Mavis the dog. She has spent weeks now just trying to get any of the other cats to play with her and she doesn’t understand why they just don’t get how to do it right.

Pearl has a new home with a good friend of mine and she is having a great life. After everything we tried including medications and training, I had to admit after 6 months that she just didn’t want to live with cats. It has been such a help for me during all of this that she is in a place where she is loved and cared for. She has two kids to play with and another French Bulldog named Frank who is her new best friend. I get updates and videos of her regularly and I know that Stacy would be really happy with where she is now and the life she is living. We will plan to visit her at some point once we are on the road.

So, onto progress. The house has been for sale for a few months and we have only had a few people come and look at it. It is an old house and it needs a bit of work. We are also in a very small town in East Tennessee. Not much is going on around here and so we knew it might take a while to get it sold. We’ve got it listed below market value and we are just waiting for the right buyer. WELL, this week has brought us some hope. We had seen an RV for sale that we wanted to look at and when we met the couple that was selling it we got to talking and we told them that we were very interested in the RV, but that we had to sell our house before we could buy it. It turns out that they are looking for a small older house to buy and rebuild. The guy remodels houses and can do most of the work himself. They are discussing if they want to come check it out and then negotiate a trade. The next day (yesterday), we had a guy come and look at it and his realtor told ours that he is very interested in it and we are just waiting to see if he is going to make an offer. I really hope one of these things happens. Either way, we could buy the RV. I am trying not to get my hopes too high, because the last time we found one that we just really wanted, we were on our way to tell the guy we would buy it and he sold it an hour before we got there. Fun fact: it was the same model of RV! The floorplan is just a little different, but it’s got the things that we both want. I have been watching videos and reading articles on how to DIY the interior updates to make it look clean and modern. I’m pretty excited for that part.

So that’s where we are now. My anxiety is through the roof just waiting for news. We’re ready to go and we can’t wait to be able to update the blog with all of our adventures.

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