It’s Happening!

Hold onto your pantaloons, friends. We got a cash offer for our house! We are already under contract and we are just waiting for the title work to be done so we can close. We are probably looking at around October 30th. This means that we will be in our new RV home within the first couple of weeks of November if everything goes according to plan.

So, what now? You guys, we have so much to do in the next few weeks. First of all, we have to get rid of the rest of our stuff. Let me tell you, when I moved to Tennessee I sold most of everything I owned. Everything that came here with me fit in a minivan. When I moved in with Karl, I got rid of even more stuff. Then, we had a big yard sale. There is no furniture in our house aside from our bed, a table, and a book shelf, but there is still so much stuff! We are selling a few things, shipping some things to friends, and donating the rest, but it is overwhelming. I packed up a ton of stuff from the kitchen the other day and I can’t even tell! So if you live in East Tennessee, please come get some stuff. My plan is to have everything that we aren’t taking with us gone by our closing date. We negotiated with the buyers to let us stay in the house for 2 weeks after closing. So, then we pick up the RV, bring it here and move everything in. (And probably get rid of the things that we think will fit but probably won’t.)

One of the questions I have gotten asked the most is, “Where are you going first?” We have never had an answer because it kind of depended on what time of the year we got to leave. After we move our things into the RV, we are going to stay in a local RV park for a few weeks to make sure everything is in tip top shape and all ready to take off before we hit the road. We will be buying a used RV and so of course we want to make sure we don’t need to make any necessary repairs before we just head off into the sunset. Plus we want the animals to acclimate to their new space and set up house in it and make it cozy and comfy. I’m probably going to want to do some updates to the interior, but I can do that as we go. The first place we need to go is South Dakota. PROBLEM… is already snowing in South Dakota! I, the Texan, am panicked by the thought of this. Karl, the North Easterner, is not concerned in the slightest and says we will only be there a week or two and then be on our way South. Once we leave South Dakota, we need to go to California ( I’m not telling you why because it’s just a quick stop and I am sure Karl will want to be the one to tell you all about it.). After our quick stop in California we plan to head to Nevada so Karl can show me his beloved desert. This is just a loose plan. It could very well change, but that’s kind of the point of this lifestyle. We can go wherever the wind decides to take us. Seriously though, I don’t even have appropriate winter clothing for Tennessee, much less South Dakota.

What is in South Dakota you ask? Well, I will tell you. Even though we are becoming full time nomads, we still have to be legal American citizens. You have to have a driver’s license and an address and pay taxes and vote and all that jazz. There are a few states who are somewhat friendly to full timers, but we decided South Dakota was the best option for us. The other states of residency that a lot of full timers use are Florida and Texas. The reason we chose South Dakota is because they make things a lot easier for full timers. They also have no state income tax, low vehicle registration fees, no vehicle inspections, low cost of insurance, and you only have to spend one night there every 5 years to be considered a resident and renew your license. Once we get to South Dakota we are going to set up a mailing address with a company called America’s Mailbox , get our driver’s licenses, register the RV and our car, and register to vote. I will tell you guys more about America’s Mailbox once we get there and get to work with them. We have heard great things about their service and how fast and easy they get you set up.

So, yeah. This is happening. It’s finally time! I should really be packing.

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