Guys, it’s time

Well gang. It’s here and happening.

We sold the house, and we bought an RV. It’s a 1999 Gulfstream Sun Voyager. Been owned by one family its entire life. Twenty one thousand miles.

The included pictures are before we customized and moved in. More pictures to come of some of our projects and upgrades.

We are beyond excited. It is actually happening. As I write this, we have less than a week to vacate the house, and I gave my notice at work today.

It’s terrifying, exciting, scary, and amazing. Everything is coming together, and we feel like we aren’t even close to ready.

So many emotions, no time left.

The next step? We’re staying at a local campground to make sure all systems are go. And while I fulfill my last two weeks at work.

After that campground… well, we aren’t sure yet. We’re looking for some workamping opportunities, and will go where the money takes us.

I have some plans to try and make money online, and of course we make stuff to sell when we can. Mostly Laura, but I’m going to give some things a try with my new found time.

We still need to figure out some things. A solar set up, and how to make a mini into a flat toad. But, we are getting it all together.

It’s happening. All the daydreams are coming true, and we are becoming the daydream rvers in actuality.

So much more to come, and we plan on posting much more often. We are pretty busy right now, but soon we are going to be on the open road, and letting you all know what we are up to and where!

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