Settling Into the Dream

I feel like we’ve left you guys hanging for a bit, but the dust is settling now and there is so much to tell you! As Karl mentioned in the last post, we were getting ready to move into the RV and start our new life. The move went pretty smooth even though it felt hectic and never ending. We got everything and everyone all moved into the RV without any major issues. One thing that shocked me was that the stuff that we decided to keep actually fits in the RV! I had expected that once we started moving things in we would realize that all of the sorting and donating and selling hadn’t been enough, but we did it! I was kind of proud of us. It’s funny though because we have been living in the RV for 3 weeks now and I am seeing that we can probably do without a lot of stuff even though it fits. I’m not in a hurry to purge anything right this second, though. I’m enjoying just relaxing for a minute.

After we moved out of the house, we came and parked at the Over-Niter RV Park in Athens, TN. Our time here has been spent making sure all of our systems are working OK and getting things all set to travel. The owners are wonderful people and the park is nicely kept and quiet. As much as we like this quiet little park, we are just about ready to hit the road. The only thing we have left to do is to sell Karl’s car. My Jeep sold in just a few days, but we haven’t had much interest in his Mini. It’s a stick shift, and honestly I don’t think a lot of people know how to drive them anymore. It’s a shame because it is a great little car. So, as soon as we sell the car or just decide we’ll keep it after all, we’ll be on our way. I will miss my new friend Maze who is the resident cat. He keeps me company while I work and do laundry in the park laundromat.

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We decided not to head to South Dakota to establish residency until after Winter is over. We just aren’t comfortable testing the RV in that weather and we would rather head for warmer climates. We did set up our permanent South Dakota address through America’s Mailbox which is a mail service center. Our address with them is kind of like a PO Box at the post office. They collect our mail and when we are going to be in a place for a bit, we contact them and have them send us all of our mail. They do have a scanning service for a little bit of an extra charge if we need to see something immediately. Once we have established our residency in South Dakota, we only have to spend one night there every 5 years to be residents. That’s how often we will have to renew our driver’s licenses. America’s Mailbox will handle our vehicle registration for us every year. They are always helpful and friendly and they have made our transition to being full time nomads a lot easier.

So right now our plan is that once we leave Tennessee we will head to Texas to see some old friends and family for a short while before we start making our way to Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. Karl has missed his beloved desert and I have never seen it. We’ll spend the winter wandering the desert and once things start thawing out a bit we will head to South Dakota and probably across the Northern part of the U.S. towards the North East to visit more old friends and have new adventures. But who knows……we may change our minds and that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

We have been a bit stressed about how to make a living on the road. If you ask other people who live this lifestyle what they do to make money, the answers are always very specific jobs. Traveling Nurse, Crane Operator, etc. OR people do workamping. Workamping is when you work for a park or campground in exchange for an RV site and sometimes a small salary. The thing about workamping is that you have to sometimes commit to being in an area for 3-9 months at a time. You also have to apply to get these jobs a season or two in advance. For example, a lot of places are already hiring for Summer. The places we want to be for the Winter and Spring are already full. We also don’t feel that the income from workamping would really sustain us. We have some savings from the sale of the house, and we are working on things so that we can support ourselves doing the things we enjoy.

I have made custom cross stitch patterns and sold handmade things to friends and family and at craft fairs for years now on the side here and there. Well, since we have moved into the RV and left regular jobs that occupy all of our time and energy, I have had a lot of time on my hands to work on making something out of my creative endeavors. I started stocking my cross stitch patterns to sell in my Etsy shop and in 2 weeks, I have had several sales a day. I get really excited every time I get a notification that someone has bought one of my patterns. I also sometimes list things I sew and hand make. This week I am making flannel scarves with hidden pockets in them and those will go up in the shop in just a few days. If you’re interested in seeing some of the things I make cross stitch patterns out of, you can check it out at Double Cross Stitching . I also take requests and you can follow Double Cross Stitching on Facebook  and on Instagram! I would also like to thank the Baby Yoda for being my bread and butter.

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Karl has been getting into programming and spends his days exploring all of his options with that. He would really like to make some games. It is nice to see him being able to be creative and learn new things.

Overall, we are adapting to life in a small space pretty well. It’s comfortable and warm and homey. Even the animals are enjoying and seem settled. The cats still aren’t sure about what is happening when the house starts to move, but they are doing fine. They are enjoying the big windshield and watching the leaves fall and one time some snow.

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We also officially have Daydream RVers Facebook and an Instagram pages if you’d like to follow our adventures there. Stay tuned, y’all. It’s about to get fun.

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