So many updates

Months go by, and we haven’t been updating our blog. We’re terrible bloggers I suppose.

But, here’s where we are.

Currently we are staying at a lovely BLM campsite in New Mexico.  It’s a beautiful spot right outside of Las Cruces and next to some amazing mountain vistas.  More on that to come, but first, here is what’s been happening.

We have done some travelling, and some exploring since we last talked. We left Tennessee and the first stop was in Alabama. A nice little state park there called Tannehill Ironworks. It was a beautiful spot, and even though we only stayed one night I’m happy we did.


After that, we went to an Alpaca farm in Mississippi called A Stroka Gene-us Alpacas. They were our first Harvest Hosts experience and it was an amazing stay. We got to feed the alpacas, and we bought some alpaca wool gloves and such. The owners were great, and taught us all about the animals and their history.


Next stop was The Grand Coushatta Casino. We stayed at their park and did a little gambling. It was a pleasant enough stop, but we were on our way to a destination, so again it was only one night. For the record, the buffet was a little boring unless you absolutely love seafood. I can’t eat it, so… Meh. Wasn’t a lot to take a picture of here, so I don’t really have one to share.

Then, we headed to Houston to visit Laura’s mother. Our plan was to come for Christmas and head out, but things got a little marred while we were there. I ended up installing a floor, and we stayed far longer than we wanted to. This is where we lost track of the blog, and I really apologize for that.

There wasn’t a lot going on, but there were things that happened during our stay. The RV developed a few problems (some of which are still issues) and we sold off my car. It was just in the way as we traveled, and it needed a bunch of work. I will miss that little car, it did me a lot of good.

We hopped out to Schulenburg for New Years, and we stayed at a friend’s farm. It’s called Party Fowl Farm and they have, you guessed it, a bunch of birds. It was a magical place to stay, and we loved it dearly. Goats, cows, pigs and birds. It was wonderful.

Fun side note, apparently cows are attracted by air horns… who knew?

Party Cows

After that stay, we went back to Laura’s mother’s. We didn’t have a ton going on, but we DID add a new member to our little travelling  family. Say hi to Lupa (we did not name her).


Lupa has been a great addition, and if you’re curious how this little mischief maker ended up as ours, maybe we will get into that later. Needless to say, she’s become my hiking buddy and she is a beloved new family member.

We brought her out on a test run to see how she would handle the life before we left. We went to Sam Houston National Forest and Lupa got her first adventure in. She did great, although she wanted to explore every nook and cranny of every section of park. Mavis is older, and couldn’t keep pace, but everybody had a blast.


This is where I should mention a sad part of our journey. Mavis got cancer.

It was early diagnosed, and we got her the needed surgery at her old vet in Houston (part of the reason we stayed so long). Mavis is cancer free, but she is still recuperating from the whole ordeal. She’s lost some weight, and has some weakness in her back legs that wasn’t there before. We’ll keep loving her, and getting her as much exercise as she can handle to combat that.

Next thing on the list, Party Fowl again!

Lupa met cows and chickens, and learned to come while we were there. We have a 20ft training leash, and I would wander around with her on it, telling her to come and giving her treats when she did. She picked up on the idea pretty quickly (she’s a smart little thing).

Lupa in the water

Party Fowl is a magic place to us. Good people and good times are there. I want to thank Brooke and Rodd for having us, and we’ll be back to visit you guys. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts, you guys are wonderful and we appreciated everything.

Next was on to adventure. It was finally time to go to unknown territories, it was time to truly start being nomadic. It was time to learn how to boondock, and where we could.

The weather was cold, so I decided we needed to head south and west toward BLM land. We did, but it didn’t turn out quite how we imagined. We stayed at some rest areas, and made it to Carlsbad New Mexico.

Carlsbad was not exactly RV friendly, and the things we wanted to do were limited or closed. There a famous burger joint named Happy’s in Carlsbad. There was. It’s closed and we were disappointed with the new place that is in it’s location.

We went down to White’s City to find boondocking, and finally started hitting our stride. White’s City is a small area outside the Carlsbad Caverns. We loved it. Though it was COLD, and our furnace needs a new blower motor. So it was rough at night.

Still, we thoroughly enjoyed it there and would recommend the area. it was beautiful scenery, no people around, and plenty of places to explore. On the way out we visited the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Five bucks to get in, and a wonderfully manicured little zoo. Happy animals (a chonky bobcat named Rusty) and just an overall great stop.


From there, we headed up to Roswell. Because aliens.

Roswell is a fantastic place to visit, although we had issues finding boondocking there. The town itself was full of great food, and genuine people. Seriously, New Mexico, there are great people in your state and we keep meeting them. Keep doing whatever you’re doing.

Roswell partly embraces it’s fame, and then partly has its own thing going on. There’s a saucer shaped McDonald’s, and then there’s a perfect little Thai restaurant with no theme to be seen. It’s a great balance, and we truly enjoyed Roswell. Lupa even got to see her first dog park there!

Dog park

Obviously she enjoyed it.

Then we adventured up into the mountains. It was cold, and it snowed. Given our bad furnace situation we only stayed one night, and headed out of the high altitudes, which brings us to Las Cruces. Where we currently are. We’re at a BLM camping area, and enjoying our view. We haven’t ventured into the actual city yet, but so far it’s a nice area.

Now that you’re caught up with all the adventures, here’s some more updates for you:

I’m working on revamping our blog, and connecting it with our Facebook so that all posts show up in all locations. In the meantime, check out our page at Daydream RVers .

It’s updated more regularly. There will still be blogs on here that aren’t there, but this way we can post pictures and quick thoughts much easier.

Laura has got her Etsy shop going and has lots of cross stitch patterns listed and occasionally lists other handmade products she makes. Check it out at Double Cross Stitching .

I started an online store, although it’s struggling for sales. More on that to come.

Keep an eye out for our Patreon page. It’s coming up, and we’re coming up with ideas for the different tiers. More on that later.

And that is all! From our little wandering family to you and yours, thank you for reading and supporting us as we try to live “The Way Life Should Be!”

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