The Cast


Welcome to our humble site. Here’s a little bit about us so you can get to know us better! We’re a couple of daydreamers trying to make our dreams come true.


I’m Laura. I’m an artist and a maker that is desperately trying to make a living out of selling my wares. I recently left a twenty-three year career as a Veterinary Technician and I am trying to save my mental health by not going back. I love all things creepy and weird. I mean, it’s June and I am already prepping things for Halloween.
Karl is my other half. Karl is an inspirational and supportive weirdo. Like, the good kind of weird. Y’all know what I mean. He makes puppets and his alter ego is a mad scientist from the 1930s named Dr. Hext (more on this later). He’s the best person I could have ever hoped to have found for myself and I always feel very fortunate that I get to share this adventure with him.
Joining us in our adventures is a small contingent of furry compatriots that you will get to know more about throughout our posts.
*Art by Elise Mayes